Our day in winter wonder land!

One day at school on a typical normal school day we were all  inside playing board games and getting on with our work when all of a sudden we heard the loud thumping of the snow storm starting to get stronger and much more so when all of us started to look at each other in surprise we were wondering if it would go on longer well it did and we were very excited and really wanted to go outside  we were absolutely going crazy with joy and laughter so when Ms Garton was saying to us that if the weather carried on like this we would be aloud to have a little while outside playing in the snow and taking pictures with our friends to show to everyone back home.

When we all got inside we were soaking wet and alot of people went outside in socks well that’s really silly isn’t it well we  that was alot of fun you know waht i just remembered that snow hasn’t come to NZ for decades even centuries that was like early christmas for us it was amazing and a beautiful sight.


The Marae

The day we went to the marae my friends and me were very excited to be there.  Especially because it was the first time that we stayed there and it was very fantastic and awesome to see the sights from the Urupa up on a hill the hill was very high and it was drafty and warm at the same time. There was a road we went up before reaching the path and we waited and examined the sign and it said Iroam road because the reason was the road we were going up said maori backwards. On the hill on the way up we found a rope swing but we didn’t know why it was there but it was fun to swing on. when we went back to the marae we were very excited to what we were going to do next at the marae.

Marae models

Today we have been making models of the wharenui from the marae. My friend Ella and me are making a wharenui back at school. Lately we have been focusing on the main parts which is the body and the roof. Next i am going to think on making mini kowhaiwhai patterns for the walls of the wharenui. After that when Ella and me have finished the model I am going to make a story about the rules and the exciting bits of the trip.

The Marae

A couple of days ago we went for a trip to a Marae for 1 night and 2 days to learn about the Marae and explore the mountains and the paua farm the Marae we went to was in Plimmerton in Hongoeka bay.

It doesn’t take very long to get there and it is very close to Paraparaumu.

Alot of people were going there about 120! but not that many people stayed for the night only 46 people stayed.

That includes  all the Year 6, 7’s and 8’s which is my whole class and the whole class next door.

When we stayed it was really fun and awesome for us but it was also very interesting listening to Mr Gunson. He explaned to us about the amazing carvings and kowhaiwhai patterns that had a mesage made with it.

On the last day we stayed there we were sad but it was fun on the way back because we got to go to the beach and play around under the train bridge. It was fun under there because we liked hearing and feeling the rumble and vibration under our feet. 

That was the first time I’ve ever been to a marae and I’ll miss it but we’ll go back again.


Sam’s awesome game

Yesterday we  were doing  awesome games down at the courts.

 First what happened was we were in class and doing stuff until are teacher stopped us working and told us to line up outside.

We already knew what we were going to do but we were looking forward to doing it. Are teacher Mrs Garton told us to walk quietly down to the court for playing games with a woman called Sam short for Samantha.

When we got there we waited for the other kids to finish and then when they were finished we all rushed down the stairs for the fun. We first  played a game that you had to pass a ball back and forth to people handing it to them under and over in a pattern.

Then we played a much better game then that we played a game that we had to split in to two teams and one team has to go on the court and the second team stayed on the end of it then we began to play.

I think that the games we play with Sam every morning are absolutely awesome to play with her.